#metoo, Brute?


I have heard it said that in an insane world, the only sane people are those that are insane. I’m not sure where that leaves many of us, but that intellectual tree is certainly bearing copious amounts of fruit recently. Rest assured, you haven’t heard the last of the shenanigans by our fellow citizens whose beliefs run the gamut from apathy to incredulity. With this in mind, I have great news! You’ll be perplexed, challenged, amused, and disgusted by this week’s discussion all at the same time.

At the onset, I am going to make something absolutely clear. It will be so clear that if you misunderstand it or try to convolute what I am about to say in any way, you are crippled too high for a wheelchair. In my solo consultancy, and alongside my partners in Ministry of Defense, LLC, our stance on sexual violence and abuse, or any abuse of women, is as follows:

1: The death penalty for rape and child sexual abuse is a commensurate punishment for these atrocities. At least a murderer has the common decency to put his victim out of their misery. 

2: A woman has the only, and final, say on who she shares her body with in a sexual or otherwise intimate relationship. That includes women who work in the adult entertainment industry. If you don’t share that view, you are an anal orifice, and rest assured, I don’t want you as a reader, nor do I want your business. 

3: A woman has the absolute right to use whatever force necessary to repel unwanted sexual advances by anyone; male, female, zhe, xhe, !@#$%^&*()_, or whatever designation happens to be in vogue this week. I can’t keep up with them all, so forgive me if I left you out. At any rate, if she says no, and you persist, I fully support her right to paint her walls with your cranial contents.

4: No is a powerful word. No. Nein. Nyet. Nee. Non. Nullum. Pick whatever language you choose. When she says no, the show is over. Move along, there is nothing to see here.

5: Her reasons for choosing to say no are absolute, and you are not entitled to an explanation. Keep this one in mind, because it will be the keystone of our discussion shortly.

Women have been lied to regarding their methods, obligations, and rights to defending their most sacred of spaces when it comes to sexual aggression. I have heard countless law enforcement officers, self-defense experts, and security professionals tell women not to fight back. The rationale is that it will possibly enrage the attacker, causing him to escalate his aggression, thereby placing the life of the woman in danger.

Wait just a minute. 

You are telling women, despite how they found themselves in the position in which the rape is occurring, that you don’t want to enrage their attacker? Newsflash Einstein, if he has the willingness to use his penis as a weapon that will change a woman’s life forever, he already has the mindset to end her life. If you don’t understand that, then you have no understanding of the criminal heart (notice I didn’t say criminal mind), violence, or both.

We have been told that rape is a crime of power. The question thus becomes by whom is the power wielded? The rapist, or those telling the woman that she should submit? Obviously, if a woman submits as she has been told to do so by those who “have her best interest at heart,” such as the aforementioned experts, then yes, said rapist has absolute power over his victim. I would submit that it is time for a new way of thinking. By telling women that rape is only about power and telling her to submit lest she risk her life defending herself, you have relegated her to nothing more than a willing victim. At that point, you have taught her that she must submit and delegate the power that you decry to the monster before her. This line of thinking is morally evil and professionally irresponsible.

Rape, and sexual assault in general, is a crime that is based on aggression, subterfuge, or both. If a woman is violently assaulted and overcome by her attacker, then violence is the realm in which the sexual act will play itself out. If a woman is drugged or manipulated, then her attacker has used trickery and deceit to achieve his selfish desires at her expense. The central theme of this crime, despite how you look at it, is sexual. Power may be a variable, but it is not the sole variable as has been taught by people that have misled countless women needlessly. 

Let us return to Point Number 5 previously described, which stated that a woman has the absolute authority to say no for whatever reason she chooses. No explanation is needed. Ladies and Gentlemen, the train for Crazy Town is now leaving the station. Please be seated and use the provided samples of Ipecac to induce vomiting before this story does it for you. 

If the #metoo movement has done anything, it has highlighted that sexual aggression against women is a problem. To what extent the problem exists can be argued ad nauseum, but it is criminal lunacy to deny that this exists. Every woman that is raped is the mother, daughter, sister, loved one, and friend of someone. Each woman deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Call me old fashioned, but I believe women should be placed on a pedestal. 

We have a problem though, according to the article highlighted above. Which is the greater abomination: being racist, or exercising your right to have sex with whom you choose based on whatever characteristics you choose concerning your partner? Let’s take a walk down this primrose path together.

Adult film star Ricky Johnson felt uncomfortable during a scene in which an orgy was being filmed. The article leads the reader to presume that the actress was white after learning that Johnson is black. Johnson stated that every time he would come close to the actress, she would reposition herself or place other performers between Johnson and her. During a break in filming, he sat next to her and stated that she was visibly uncomfortable around him. A director on scene joked that it was because he was black. Thus, the specter of racism reared its ugly head.

We have a moral dilemma here, and if you happen to be of the left leaning persuasion culturally, socially, or politically, I do not envy you. Why? Because you are painted into a corner, and this paint is slow to dry.

Is the actress racist because she chooses not to have sex with a black actor? After all, her job entails having sex with other actors. Or, does she have the right to decide with whom she shares her body for pleasure or as part of her profession? 

#metoo…. Where are you? If this isn’t a case that merits your undivided attention, then I am at a loss. In this case, one has to decide which boogeyman should be kept under the bed. Is the actress a racist? Does she have the right to say no, despite her profession? 

I’ll take the stand. She has the final say. She decides with whom she shares her body intimately. If you believe otherwise, let me remind you that Hypocrite was not a Greek philosopher. 

#metoo, it’s time to #speakup.

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