Morton’s Fork

Generally speaking, this is not a political blog, nor does it take a direct political stance. As I write this, I operate a stand-alone consultancy, and I also have been deeply blessed to be able to operate a consultancy with a friend who I have known and deeply treasured for the better part of my life. In today’s society, if you can classify this sweltering cesspool we find ourselves in as a functioning society, it is considered bad form for businesses to engage in political speak. The question thus becomes, why?

Well, the answer to that question is simple. It all comes down to money. In order not to offend the sensibilities of potential clients, it is often deemed to be a better course of action to subdue your thoughts in deference to the almighty dollar. Put another way, a pool of clients is seen as a pool of revenue. This is obscene. Clients are people with needs, desires, goals, fears, and emotions just like everyone else. Your job, in whatever business you operate, is to meet this person where they are and assist them in meeting their needs, not just taking their money. People over profits… I do not believe you can ever go wrong with that philosophy.

I have often found myself giving counsel to our students and clients on many matters in life other than their martial arts studies and self-protection. I have come to understand that how I once viewed my instructors, I have begun to take on that role in the eyes of those who have chosen to spend moments of their lives with me. This led to the topic for tonight.

In a few short days, the United States of America as a whole, along with the ensconced state and local governments confined within this sociopolitical panopticon, will be embarking on a new path as we collectively seek to make our voices heard. Many learned voices of all political stripes will opine that this will be the most important election in the history of the Republic. True, or false? That is for you to decide, and make no mistake, some of us will wake up next Wednesday demoralized, while others will arise to the dawn of a joyous new day. There is a problem though my friends, and this evening I have felt compelled to break my silence on how I see the current state of American society and its politics. They are, after all, one in the same. Our election next week will not be centered around the idea of Conservative versus Liberal. It will not be centered around good versus evil. It will not be a battle of ideas. If you believe any of this, then you are crippled too high for a wheelchair. 

What we will be facing on November 3rd is a logical dilemma known as Morton’s Fork. The concept of Morton’s Fork alleges that a choice exists between two equally unpleasant alternatives that will ultimately lead to the same unpleasant conclusion. The concept of Morton’s Fork originated under Lord Chancellor John Morton of England in 1487 under the rule of King Henry VII. I will spare you the history lesson, except to point out that this phenomenon arose out of issues surrounding…. Wait for it… tax collection.

Morton’s Fork, the idea that two existing unpleasant alternatives will ultimately lead to the same unpleasant conclusion. Sound familiar? To be fair, I am going to dump copious amounts of manure on your ideological flower garden tonight, no matter who you intend to vote for. My reason is not to be a jerk. I do not intend to be caustic. I say these things because I truly care about my neighbors, no matter if thy live right next door to me or in the most remote recesses of South Dakota. We all are being deceived, and we continually fall for it hook, line, and sinker. 

Many of you see Donald Trump as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. He did after all have the greatest economy in the history of… well, everything. Just ask him. It was YYYUUUGGGEEE. But what has he truly given us? Many things, but if you are honest with yourself, there is one common denominator that this supposed business genius has given us all, which is an unending cascade of chaos. He has fired or accepted the resignation of practically everyone in his administration over the past four years, perhaps up to and including the dog catcher on Pennsylvania Avenue. Despite having the legal authority to act, he has allowed an insurgency to destroy entire cities. And lest we forget that big, beautiful wall, with that big, beautiful door. Could we at least get a chain link fence and call it a victory? 

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the former Vice President of these good old United States, Joe Biden. I’m not sure it is wise, or moral, to be making fun of a man that is visibly deteriorating before our very eyes. My Grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s, and from a human perspective, this is not a joking matter. But he is also not fit to run a military with nuclear capabilities. All that aside, let’s examine his moral standing. If we are to believe what we are being told in the media at present moment, and I do apologize for making some of you choke, then we have a colossal problem. The Biden family is a walking crime spree. We could very well be on the cusp of electing a man to the most powerful office on the planet who likely knew that his son is a sexual deviant. Think about that. And his running mate? What she did to young black men as a prosecutor in California is a human rights violation by any reasonable measure.

I choose not to reveal my true political identity for many reasons. Mostly, I refuse to be put in a box, because there is no political ideology that can singularly define me. My concern is not political. My concern is human. Whatever you believe, and no matter how you vote next week, my concern is for your well-being. I would not be in the business that I am in if I did not care about the well-being of those that I am so blessed to be able to help.

What does Morton’s Fork have to do with this? Plenty, because I submit to you that no matter what happens over the coming days and weeks, we are all heading into an abyss. No matter which candidate you choose, the fuse has been lit on a social powder keg that I am afraid cannot be extinguished.  I teach people to protect themselves. Part of that requires me to show people how to spot weaknesses in their lifestyle and their security posture and make the necessary adjustments. 

America does not have a political problem. America does not have an inequality problem. America does have a spiritual problem. My friends, we have lost our way, and there is no political solution to that. 

Glenn and I truly care about you, no matter what you believe or how you choose to vote. But there is also an obligation to tell those that you love that they should get out of the house when it is on fire. Consider this essay as that warning made in love. 

#MAGA? Allow me to offer you another pithy slogan for this silly season:

#BOHICA: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

Please, let’s be good to each other. 

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