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- Stronger Together -

The two founders of Ministry of Defense, D. David Corbett Everidge and R. Glenn Snider Jr. bring many years of martial arts training experience in multiple disciplines to the organization. In addition, they have years of collective military, law enforcement and competitive fighting experience to add to the educational platform. Both are dedicated husbands and fathers that embrace their experiences to guide them through life and strive to empower others. By combining their individual strengths, they become “Stronger Together”.

-Dr. D. Corbett Everidge -

Dr. D. Corbett Everidge is an accomplished martial arts and personal protection coach with vast experience in the self-protection industry. He brings a holistic approach to a world of personal protection that ensures peace of mind at home, work, or around the globe.

As a self-protection and martial arts coach, Dr. Everidge enjoys a loyal client base and has won the trust of many people as he has ascended the ladder of success. His achievement as a 4th Degree Black Belt in an eclectic style of classical jujutsu coupled with dual 4th Degree Black Belts in Kyokushin Karate and Kenjutsu (the art of the sword) has positioned him as an influencer in modern martial arts. Distinctive among these accomplishments is his Black Belt in Lan-Kin-Fa– a martial art created by the late Grandmaster Bill Rankin of Lancaster, England.

Dr. Everidge has a Doctor of Philosophy degree and two Master Degrees. He has served as a military intelligence analyst and military police specialist in both the North Carolina Army National Guard and the United States Navy Reserve. These experiences make it no coincidence that he is extremely qualified to coach clients to protect themselves or to become accomplished martial artists in their own right.

Dr. Everidge presents himself as a coach and not an impersonal and detached consultant. This personal approach brings forth unique approaches to empower the student and minimizes fear. He firmly believes in a coach-to-student relationship that fosters trust and loyalty. His training programs are highly customized to suit a wide range of situations with special emphasis on a holistic approach to self-protection. By holistic, Dr. Everidge instills the notion that you are responsible for your safety in all environments and circumstances.

Dr. Everidge assesses a client’s life circumstances, needs, and desires and ensures they align with realistic practices. Understanding these variables, he can work with you to achieve your goals and objectives using the most effective and up to date training techniques. With custom tailored and highly responsive training programs, you will be able to realize your self-protection goals associated with every facet of your life. He works with you, creating an individualized, unique program that addresses your needs. Dr. Everidge believes that all people should be able to live in peace in an uncertain world regardless of the risks they confront on a daily basis.

.- R. Glenn Snider Jr.-

R. Glenn Snider Jr. is a co-founder of the Ministry of Defense as well as an accomplished martial arts and personal protection coach. Glenn brings a unique vision to the practice and profession of martial arts and personal protection. Glenn provides a unique and unorthodox approach to self-defense instruction that enables the client to not only survive, but to thrive in any environment.

Glenn started his journey in the martial arts in 1991. Glenn began training in American Open Style Karate and more extensively in Muay Thai which opened the door to competitive fighting in full contact kickboxing throughout the 1990’s. After moving away from competition, he continued to train in various styles of karate, Japanese Jujutsu and Krav Maga. Glenn holds rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate and has trained in traditional Japanese Jujutsu. His instruction specialty lies in self-defense, edged weapons, and physical conditioning.

Glenn brings a unique skillset to the table that will benefit the client in many ways. Hailing from an engineering background, Glenn is highly adept at coaching clients in regard to their online vulnerabilities and dangers that lurk in cyberspace. In a seemingly incongruent combination of skills, Glenn has the ability to look at individual behavior and its intersection with technology to determine vulnerabilities and devise solutions that are beneficial to the individual or the corporate client. Self-protection is not only a physical activity. It transcends every aspect of our lives as Glenn has shown.

Alongside his physical and technological abilities, Glenn was the catalyst for the M.O.D. Podcast. His vision coupled with his unique experiences in public speaking made this a natural fit for Glenn and the entire M.O.D. family. Through his expertise, the ideas and experiences of the M.O.D. are shared with the world.

It would be an understatement to simply assert that Glenn is in excellent physical condition. An athlete that has competed in half marathons and other endurance racing events, Glenn is able to provide challenging workouts for interested clients. He is also able to transmit the need to be physically fit in order to lead a more healthy lifestyle, which includes being able to defend oneself from an episode of violence.

Like his counterpart, Glenn provides a personalized experience for the individual or corporate client. He is able to listen to your needs and desires and to provide a bespoke course of instruction that will meet your needs. He pays keen attention to every detail and has an intuitive ability to problem solve, which is essential to be an effective martial arts and self-protection instructor.